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Hi! My name is Sue Michaels and I started my tutoring business after 21 years teaching in Primary Schools in the UK and abroad. I have classroom experience with 4-12 years old as well as management experience in large Primary schools and still work part-time in a Central Bedfordshire School. I am also a qualified Personal Development Coach working with children and adults on self-confidence.

Tutoring is an amazing opportunity to work closely with a child’s unique abilities and tailor them into an individual programme – something that is hard to replicate in a busy classroom. I work in your home so that your child has a relaxed approach to being tutored. This helps them feel at ease and can also bridge the educational gap between home and school.

I have a calm and positive approach and incorporate your child’s interests into their learning as much as I can so that connections are made between what is important to them and the objectives that need to be met.

All I need is a quiet space for us to work in with a table to sit at (ideal for younger children, but essential for Year 2 and above). If you would like to sit in on any session so that you can then reinforce the work that I am doing, you are most welcome to.

I look forward to meeting you! Sue



English tutoring revolves around Reading and Writing.  In Key Stage One, 5-7 year olds, the focus is on phonics, early reading skills including comprehension and grammar, punctuation and spelling.

For Key Stage 2, 8-11 years old, there is more emphasis on reading comprehension as well as setting you child up to be a competent writer.

In Key Stage 3 in preparation for GCSE, we will take time to get to know the set texts and poems and fine tune language skills necessary to pass the exam. I will assess your child and pinpoint specific areas that need improvement, giving exercises to make these areas successful. I’ll help you and your child to choose age and ability-wise texts to read and set tasks to undertake in between sessions if required.

For Key Stage 2 upwards, the CGP revision guides are extremely useful in and out of the tutoring sessions.  Often schools purchase these for pupils, but if they don’t, I would require them to be bought.

If your child has been diagnosed as Dyslexic or has a specific programme to follow, I can help you to implement this at home.


Reception to GSCE


In your home


£32 per hour


Maths tutoring works on providing essential number skills so that your child has a solid foundation from which to tackle their maths work in Upper Key Stage 2 and beyond.  We will learn times tables and other key facts and become confident using the four operations both abstractly and in word problems.

I will work to ‘fill in’ any gaps that your child may have in the Primary Curriculum prior to their year group and help them to become confident in their current year’s programme. Your child’s interests will form the basis of the work so that they can make real connections with the maths and their own world.


Reception to Year 4


In your home


£32 per hour


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